Common Questions from FPN Customers

What is the difference between a void and a refund?
A void can only be done before you settle the batch (for those using the FPN gateway, that is by default set at 4:30pm EST). Other devices vary. A void removes a transaction from the current batch. A refund is processed after the transaction is batched. The refund requires you to go in, find the prior transaction, and process a credit/refund to the card processed.


When does a voided transaction get removed from the cardholder’s balance?
If you void the transaction, the money is removed from the batch that night and the authorization should drop off the next day. (On the FPN gateway only, you do have to select to release funds immediately). It is important to note that although you have done everything possible to remove the authorization, it is possible that the cardholder’s bank may not release the authorization immediately and could take up to three more banking days to remove the authorization.


When will a refunded transaction get credited back to a cardholder?
A standard refund will take between three to five business days.


How long will it take for an ACH transaction processed by me to hit my account?
An ACH sale will take three to five business days to credit your bank account.


How long will it take for an ACH credit to the customer to hit their account?
The ACH credit takes three to five business days to get back into your customer’s bank account.


When do I get billed fees?

  • Your merchant processing fees will be assessed to your bank account by the 2nd business day of the new month for prior month charges.
  • Gateway fees may be charged on your merchant statement. For some clients, gateway fees may be billed separately on either the 7th or 15th of the month.
  • Non-PCI fees will be charged on the 15th or 22nd of the month.
  • Annual fees are billed between July 15 and August 15, depending upon your franchise program.


When will I receive a statement?
Statements are mailed and should be received between the 7th and 10th of the month. You may sign up for a portal that gives you access to daily deposits, charges, chargebacks and statements at $5.00 a month.


Why am I getting charged $39.95?
The $39.95 fee is a Non-PCI Compliance fee and can be avoided by ensuring you complete your annual PCI validation and certification. The process, once registered, should take under 20 minutes to complete, unless you have to conduct a PCI scan (most clients do not), in which case the process could take 45 to 60 minutes to complete. You only have to do this once per year.


When should my deposit hit my account?
If you are on auto-settle at 4:30pm EST and bank at a Federal Reserve Bank (eg: national banks like Chase, Citi, Wells, BofA, etc.), you will see your money the next business day. If you settle after 4:30pm EST, it will be two days. For those banking at community banks, it is possible that you will see your money in two business days.


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