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    FPN can recommend the best POS which makes it easy to deliver a great customer experience. Select POS systems are cloud-based and work seamlessly no matter what device you happen to be on. The FPN Gateway dashboard is intuitive and designed to serve the franchisor and franchisee, making it more efficient to run master reports for all your locations. We designed our system to fit perfectly in all types of businesses, customizing the solution for each specific business or brand. Our Gateway software integrates seamlessly with most POS systems, making it the most enjoyable experience ever. You can scan barcodes, make sales, process payments, and print receipts all from the same system. POS cloud-based systems  can back up all transactions, making it easy for you to research past sales and maintain a robust customer database with accurate transactional data.


    POS countertop

    POS countertop systems are perfect for retail, restaurants, salons, and a host of other unique applications. The FPN Gateway is easy to setup and comes with all the features you could want with your POS system.

    Features Include:

    • The sales process is as easy as adding an item to the ticket, processing payment, and printing a receipt.
    • Inventory updates automatically with each sale so you can always be sure that your counts are accurate.
    • Cloud systems back up all transactions, making it easy for you to look up past sales.
    • Accept secure credit and debit payments and split transactions between multiple payment methods.
    • Maintain a customer database that you can access from right within the app.
    • View past customer purchases to get an idea of your best selling products.
    • Offer special promotions and a loyalty program to repeat customers.
    • Includes dozens of customizable reports with sales, inventory, customer, and employee data.
    • The business intelligence dashboard gives you a quick glance view of how things are going.
    • Export reports to a variety of formats for record keeping.


    mobile POS

    Mobile POS systems go where you go and instantly syncs with the cloud to protect your data and provide seamless business intelligence. You can run your whole business from a mobile application and interact with your customer anywhere in your store, restaurant, or on the road. Perfect for franchised service businesses, we give your franchisees a system that makes it easy to accomplish their most important business functions, wherever and whenever they need to. The FPN Gateway is designed to accept most payment types and is EMV compliant.

    Features Include:

    • Download and use mobile POS systems on both Android and iOS devices.
    • Take your data with you and run your entire business from a mobile application.
    • Use the mobile app as a complement to POS countertops and bring the sales experience to the customer.
    • Make sales on-the-go or run your entire business with a small hardware footprint.
    • In addition to sales, look up customer info, check inventory counts, and generate reports all from the mobile app.
    • Data syncs seamlessly to the cloud, so you never have to worry.
    • Process credit and debit cards securely with an EMV-compliant device.
    • Split multiple payment types and send customer receipts via email.
    • Everything you do on mobile POS systems are synced to your main POS account over the cloud.
    • Important data is encrypted and backed up to give you peace of mind.
    • Inventory counts and reports are always kept in sync no matter what device is used to make a sale.



    POS Kiosks are customer-facing and provides your customers the convenience to use self-checkout functionality. Speed up lines and cut down on staff costs with a fully automated, intuitive kiosk system. Maintain all sales through the back office system to stay on top of all your locations.

    Features Include:

    • The POS Kiosk is customer-facing and allows customers to use self-checkout functionality.
    • Since the Kiosk connects to your POS account, you can manage and edit inventory and prices from any device.
    • Increase customer satisfaction with a smooth and interactive checkout experience.
    • Free up your staff for other tasks to keep your business running efficiently.
    • Give your customers the opportunity to explore your product line at their own pace on a familiar touchscreen Kiosk device.
    • Search functionality makes it easy for customers to look up specific products in your inventory.
    • Use the Kiosk in-store or at a mobile event to encourage customer interaction.
    • Customers can pay using a variety of payment methods or sign up for a POS account with your business and add credit to their account.
    • Increase the speed of your business by reducing line times at the cash register.
    • Customers are used to self-checkout and enjoy the convenience of being able to quickly pay and go.
    • Self-checkout Kiosks look cleaner and more open than traditional cashier lines.
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