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    PCI Security Compliance

    Let Customers Know You’re Compliant

    Within the Payment Card Industry (PCI), Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express® and Discover® require every merchant that processes, stores or transmits credit card data to be certified compliant with the PCI DSS standard. Compliance is not only required, it protects your brand. Many merchants have lost cardholder data and have been subject to resulting liability.

    100% Compliance From Your Franchisees

    Do you get reporting from your current processor?  Not only do they not understand franchising in general they do not understand the need for you to have system wide reporting on the status of your franchisees. Many brands have several approved vendors or just leave it to their franchisees to find the best deal they can. You cannot afford to take either approach with your brand as you will have no idea if your franchisees are doing everything they need to be doing.

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    Are you EMV ready?

    EMV (Euro MasterCard Visa ) is the standard for card compliance.  By adopting this technology, you will be pushing the risk of a breach back into the hands of the card issuers.  FPN can help you access your current POS landscape and help you with a strategy to get your locations on EMV in time, but you have to act quickly as the clock is ticking.

    Loyalty Programs

    It’s time to target your promotional and marketing dollars more efficiently – towards your own customers, to bring them in again and again. Drive repeat visits by as much as 50% and increase ticket size by as much as 17% – and we can measure and report results – how is that for ROI?.


    Works on all Apple and most
    Adroid tablets and phones.

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