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Lost your username or password, please Contact us.

Instructions to Change Password

Merchants can change their passwords online by utilizing the link aside:

In order for the user to change their password online, the requirements are as follows:

  1. The user must have an associated email address. The email address on file is where the gateway will send the temporary password to.
  2. The user must have a security profile (security questions) on file. The security questions are used to validate and ensure that the user trying to change the password, is in fact the user. 

The merchant user will need to enter an email address and also answer security questions to create their security profile. The email address and questions are entered and answered, the first time the user logs in.

Please note, the email address and security profile are needed to validate the users identity and ensure the user is in fact the merchant. The link is not FPN branded and is USAePay based.

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