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    FPN’s eCommerce solution has all of the security and features imaginable—all in one, easy-to-use package. Beyond simple card gateway processing and comprehensive reporting, FPN offers the following:


    • Integrated web cash register software
    • ACH (Automated Clearing House) capability
    • Recurring payments
    • QuickBooks™ integration
    • Sales tax calculation
    • Sophisticated fraud protection
    • Simple API for integration into proprietary software or POS solutions
    • Fully PCI Compliant
    • Integrate the latest forms of payment like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Pay Pal

    The FPN eCommerce solution provides our chargeback protection at no additional charge. This provides address verification, CVV2 and CID, IP address frequency and negative database checks to limit exposure to fraudulent transactions.

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    ecommerce easy

    Making it easy for customers

    Ever call your credit card processor and get bounced around and asked a ton of questions like who you are and how you are processing before they even begin to figure out how or who should be helping you? At FPN we know who you are and know how your chain is processing and in most cases know exactly the types of issues you are likely to have and how to resolve them quickly. We know the other vendors that maybe effected by these issues and are happy to work with them until we get a total resolution to your issue. No other processor can or will do this.

    Technology makes a difference.

    Technology is changing at blazing speed in the payments and loyalty space. You need to partner with someone who is on top of all of this new technology and can help you decide what is real and what is just hype and then put a plan in place that makes it easy for your franchisees to adopt.

    Customer focused technology solutions for your franchise system.

    We’re the only company serving franchisors with a total technology solution that helps franchisors and their franchisees get ahead of the technology curve. Learn more about FPN today!

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