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Increase unit revenues by up to 20% this year!

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Text Marketing

Enhance Customer Loyalty; Drive Revenue

The FPN Text & Loyalty Program combines two popular services: Reward Cards and Text Messaging. When is the last time you received an text and didn’t open it?  90% of all text messages are read with-in 3 minutes of receipt.  Compare that to e-mail marketing where only 20% of them are ever read and opened. The benefits of text marketing are countless and immediately quantifiable. A powerful, well-planned text message can bring about the success of a promotion or deal of the day. Several strategically planned messages over a specific time period can transform a business.

Text marketing can lead to more customers, higher ticket averages and busier stores.

Benefits include:

  • Reach your customers on their cell phone – in real time.
  • Drive repeat visits
  • Improve customer retention
  • Bring back missing customers
  • Boost check average
  • Promote new items and services
  • Fill slow times of the day
  • Simple to Use – 100% Measurable
  • Customer self registration
  • Notification of points and rewards
  • Notification of offers
  • “We miss you” messages
  • No paper coupons or reward receipts

See how text marketing can keep your customers coming in…

Our text marketing technology makes it easy to schedule, manage and deploy marketing messages. Have a direct channel to customers, start using text marketing today!

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