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    Gift Card Program

    Gift Cards and Loyalty Go Hand-In-Hand

    Imagine a world where not only can you buy a physical gift card at a store or online to send to a friend, but you can send one directly from your cell phone or tablet to theirs and it will work at any of that Brands locations simply by showing the device at the point of sale. Add to that the ability to send special offers to all of your gift and loyalty clients based on where they’re in relationship to your location with Geo Fencing or even better based on where they are within your store. You are now actively communicating with your customer and giving them real time offers to drive value to them and more business to you at the times that are most important. Are you a restaurant and want to make sure you capture more businesses after a game at a near by stadium? Is it cold outside and you have a special on soup or chili, are you a car wash and it rained yesterday getting your customers cars all spotty – you get the picture – FPN has the solution!

    Gift Cards

    Tie Gift Cards into your loyalty program

    Maximize the value of the customer relationship and add loyalty to your gift card programs.

    Geo-Fencing, the future of customer targeting is here!

    Imagine a program where you can literally decide exactly what customers to target geographically. Maybe you want to offer a reward to people at a game win the home team wins – just send an offer to people near the arena. Maybe you are at a festival and you want more people at your cart right away – send only to people near the festival etc… Geofencing gives you power to drive business now!

    FPN is 100% focused on the franchise industry!

    Learn how FPN Loyalty can help you build unit revenues for your franchisees, while strengthening brand loyalty, frequency and average check. Let us show you the features and benefits.

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