ATM Placement

Increase unit revenues by up to 20% this year!
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    ATM Placement

    An ATM is a Must for Your Business

    An ATM is an excellent way to increase customer traffic. Businesses with ATMs have improved customer satisfaction and increased customer loyalty. Studies show that 25% of the withdrawals are spent at the ATM location! With the Franchise Payments Network ATM program, your business can keep 100% of the surcharge, and drive new business. Depending on your foot traffic and any other local ATMs, your business could earn hundreds of dollars or more per month, providing new clients and convenience. Already have an ATM? You may need to replace this now as there have been new security regulations that require updates that most existing ATM terminal hardware can’t support. Let FPN eliminate the pain of upgrading to a new compliant ATM.

    FPN provides the following:

    • Shipping
    • Onsite installation and training
    • Award-winning customer service
    • Online account management
    • Will also provide vault cash at your option
    • Both sales and leasing of ATMs for your business

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    An ATM can help increases foot traffic, generate additional revenue from surcharge fees and increase sales by keeping your customers in house longer.

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