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    Franchise System Rollouts

    Maximizing Program Adoption

    Simply Put… no one has the experience and understanding of how to implement programs and gain franchisee adoption like FPN. For the last 10 years we have perfected our processes for gaining maximum franchisee adoption and streamlining implementation so you see benefits quickly. In fact, we have done this with more than 160 franchise brands!

    run a 90 day beta test

    Run a 90-Day Beta Test It’s FREE!

    Still not sure our programs are right for you? Give us a call and let’s see if we can identify a market where a BETA test makes since so we can validate our program with real results in real locations at no cost to you.

    Training & Support

    FPN utilizes a very structured roll-out process that includes educating and training your franchisees and field personnel prior to the program going live.  We also have dedicated reps to your system to not only answer questions as they arise but also reach out to individual franchisees that we see are either not using the program or their results are lagging behind to help them improve on their performance goals.

    • Franchisee Education – We craft an announcement from the franchisor to the franchisees.
    • Rollout Guide – Create a detailed Roll-out guide that give your franchisees all of the information they need to be successful
    • Franchisee Training Webinars – Host Webinars for franchisees to call into for direct group training and Q and A.
    • Employee Training – Separate training for corp and field staff so your internal people are well versed in the program and can assist if needed.
    • Expert Support – Dedicated account rep to help with any issues as they arise before during and after the intial roll-out.

    Tie Gift Cards into your Loyalty Program –
    Customer Love Gift Cards!

    When customers get gift cards from their loyalty program, they typically will increase their spend. There’s no better reason to treat themselves to something bigger or better.

    POS Integration FPN is POS agnostic.

    We do not sell POS nor do we have partnerships with POS companies.  We work for you the Franchise.  This is key as in many cases we act as your outsourced POS consultant. If you are unhappy with your current POS solution FPN will work with the currnet company to see if it can be adjusted to better suit your needs and/or act as your advisor as we vet possible new solutions. Please Note:  Most POS providers have a payment processor that they have partnered with and try to force their customers to use them.  Under those relationships the Payment Processor pays the POS company a revenue share of what they make on those referred accounts.  FPN does not do that – we only work for you. Sometimes this may put us at odds with the POS providers as that revenue stream disappears if you are working with us.  But please understand our goal is to reduce the expenses for your franchisees – we will almost always be cheaper than their solution as we do not have to pay off the POS provider, and regardless of what the POS sales rep may say, FPN is almost always already integrated with them.  If not a very simple write to our API can be completed then.

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