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FPN Loyalty

Double digit increases in average unit revenues!

A great Loyalty program is one that incents your customer to do something they would not ordinarily do. Why reward them for doing what their normal behavior is? You are basically just offering a discount for your goods or services. FPN’s program has been proven to increase average transaction size by as much as 17% and increase their frequency of visit by as much as 50%.

Technology-Driven, Integrated Approach to Customer Loyalty

By establishing your Loyalty program as a business hub we are collecting valuable data from out bound marketing, open rates, actual visits to store, how much the customer spent, and projecting lifetime value of the customer based on predictive analysis of past behavior.

  • POS Integration – FPN Loyalty and Payments platforms are already integrated into 90% of the major POS systems in use today.  And if you are using a preparatory POS you developed or something new to market we are not working with yet, we can easily integrate our services via a simple API.
  • Online Dashboard – Easily track your marketing spend and ROI results with our online reporting tools.
  • Marketing System Integration – Our Loyalty programs take on a whole new level of strength due to our integrations with most major POS systems!
  • Mobile / Tablet Friendly – Let’s face it, commerce is moving mobile and we must to!  Our programs work on virtually any Apple or Android device.
  • Email & Text Marketing – Gone are the days where you depend on punch cards to track purchases when a customer finally comes in.  With automated triggers we reach out to your customers to drive traffic for preset events like their birthday, anniversary, or reconnect with fading or lost customers.
  • Gift Card Programs – Our unique, Loyalty All-in-One (AIO) program enables your franchise to coordinate your Loyalty Program with your Gift Card Program.


Accept Apple Pay & Android Pay Today

Make it easier for your customers to make payments! We can help you integrate Android Pay and Apple pay.

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